August 17th, 2015 | Christian Wenzel

  • Dinner for two at the Italian restaurant 80, – €
  • Volltanken a compact class car 80, – €
  • Monthly costs for a primary school teacher 80, – €

Find the error!

In fact, all are correct!

Admittedly, the first two points relating to the price level in the area of ​​Cologne.

The information on the teacher fees refer to a private, donor funded special needs school in Thamprai / Poonakari (District Killinochi in Sri Lanka).

The place Thamparai / Poonakari is located in the northern tip of Sri Lanka and is adjacent to Jaffna.

There 54 children aged 5 bis 15 years of 3 teachers are (April 2015) taught and promoted his age at the time. Only in this way they acquire the necessary education and therefore the ability to be successfully incorporated into one, their age appropriate grade of public school. Without these targeted preparation of our special school successful participation in the public education system for these children is almost impossible.

In Sri Lanka, there is no compulsory education. After tough negotiations, petitions and pressure of the population in the affected area, the end of a public school was built in 2014 around 7 km away at last (1st – 10th grade).

But following difficulties persist: Through the war-related absence from schools over many years, there are enormous gaps and deficiencies in children. The children integrate in accordance with their age in the school classes, does not bring the desired success. The State authorities this problem will not be processed.

The region has to complete destruction by the Civil War hardly infrastructure.
It is rather poor.

It waits there currently waiting to be connected to a public power grid – maybe it’s in the fall 2015 ready. Water pipes are Thamparai not exist. The fountain in promoting saltwater. 6 km away there is a swimming fountain.

Everyday life is determined there usually by family smallholder self-sufficiency.

The monthly income of a five-member family smallholder amounts eg to about 7,000 rupees (= 50 €). Education is there for the kids no dominant theme.
You must usually help at home to secure survival. Partially it is also because of the physical distance and lack of transportation no access to schools.