Emergence of “Sinnathurai School”

The aid project today “. Sinnathurai Children Foundation eV” (hereinafter “SCF eV) was launched in 2013 Thamparai / Poonakari, in northern Sri Lanka / District Killinochi.

Thamparai / Poonakari was completely destroyed during the civil war (1983-2009) – the inhabitants were mostly expelled, imprisoned or even killed. Only 2 years after the war, the former residents slowly returned to their village. School operations did not take place naturally in the ruins.

Founder and 1.Vorstand the SCF eV “Sinnathurai Children Foundation”, Hr. Sinnathurai Ravendiran, fled in February 1985 due to the war with his pregnant wife from Thamparai / Poonakari to Germany.

His parents’ home in Sri Lanka was destroyed. Other members of his family took refuge in various countries around the world.
The brother-Thurirajah Sinnathurai and other relatives and friends built the family home in Thamparai / Poonakari with its own funds as a school and began to teach there in 2013. At this time, 10 children were taught – in April 2015, there were already 54 children.

The measures were financed only by family, relatives and friends from abroad.

However, the positive development of the school also requires continuous financing.

In addition to the costs for school operations (teachers, teaching materials, furniture, etc.), the families of the children are supported in part by donations.

In 2014, for example, have been purchased by private donations from Germany 12 bicycles, which then attend school for some children only became possible.
For example, were purchased from donations and chickens to help people to help themselves in the poorest families (in order eggs or poultry to offer the local market).
In this way the children of the family were relieved, so that they can attend the school of SCF eV. A visible lasting change for the whole family is given here.