For more recent history of the region:

In Sri Lanka ruled from 1983 to 2009 a bloody civil war, in which about 100,000 people were (mostly civilians) killed. Other sources give a number of about 150,000 dead or missing. Hundreds of thousands fled and were driven. Many thousands of war widows (different information from 30,000 to 50,000) have often still provide today and their children alone. In fact, this still-simmering ethnic conflict has lasted more than 40 years, and more particularly to the north and east of the country, which is inhabited by the minority Tamil people.

The reasons and causes of the conflict between Sinhalese (dominant ethnic group) and the Tamils ​​(minority) should not be discussed at this point. For this you can use other sources.

According to the unanimous opinion of several organizations but can be said that is not promoted by the government of reconstruction of infrastructure, particularly in Tamil areas in the north of Sri Lanka in the necessary shape and support.