August 17th, 2015 | Christian Wenzel

You have certainly heard or read many times before.

Most are advertised in future-oriented technologies with this slogan financial products or investments.

We also want to invest together with them in the future – the future of children and their environment.

Children do not wage war, they do business down no country and no operate misanthropic policy. But you must always and directly bear the consequences of such action.
During and after the war, when everything is laid low, the needs of the affected people are reduced. The orientation and interests of the civilian population inevitably change and priorities shift.

It’s about survival, the daily bread and the roof over your head. What’s while with the kids? A carefree growing up is not possible for you. They often charge additionally the lean living. The children, often orphans or half-orphans need help to defray living expenses. So help eg in agricultural work in the family.

The age-appropriate mental development and school education of children is then years at once back. These deficits are never caught up in the rule. So then is a whole generation – and ultimately an entire ethnic group – handicapped in the social and economic development.