Two girls – 13 Years Old

August 17th, 2015 | Christian Wenzel

Lena is 13 years old – 13 years old is also Arulnela.

The two girls do not know each other – where also? – They live in a straight line approximately 8200 km apart.

Lena lives in the Rhein-Erft-Kreis, near Cologne. Arulnela knows not Germany.

The village Thamparai in northern Sri Lanka, where Arulnela with her two sisters (11 and 12 years old) and their parents lives is possibly connected to the grid in autumn 2015.

Lena has a younger brother (10 years old). Her father is a File Clerk and her mother works part-time as an office assistant in an insurance agency.

Lena goes to the 7th grade of a comprehensive school. After high school she would like to study and be a pediatrician.

Lena loves animals. Twice a week she has lessons. She dreams of later times to own a horse. She wishes for 15th birthday a scooter in order to then drive yourself to the stables can.

Her father says that if all goes well at school and Lena runs the family dog ​​regularly, then you also get the scooter.

Arulnela would later be a pediatrician. Her parents manage a small piece of land where eggplant, okra (“Ladyfinger”), beans, bananas, mangoes and rice growing. With her sisters, she helps the parents work in the fields. She is glad that she has father and mother. Because that is not the case with many of her friends.

Sometimes she accompanied her parents on the market after Vadiadi where then the box products are sold or exchanged. That’s always pretty exciting for Arulnela. Due to the war could not consistently attend school Arulnela.You would like to attend school regularly. But that is not possible, because they must partly help at home and the school is a few kilometers away. Buses do not drive in the region. In her village live 700 inhabitants – none of them owns a car.

Her family also has a bike. Sometimes her father lends the bike of neighbors.

Lena would have liked a movie theater in your neighborhood. For pool they have to go by bus or by bike. Ever Lena sometimes has the feeling that she lives in the “Province”. Partly Lena has to go home with your new smartphone in the garden, because then they have no network coverage in their room.

Back to Thamparai ……

In February 2015, friend of Arulnela helped their parents in the fields. Here, the 12-year-old child was bitten by a snake (the child’s name would the parents concerned here in this article do not know mentioned). The child ran home.The father then ran with the child to a neighbor to borrow a bike there. He want to order his daughter to 8 km distant hospital transport, because there is no doctor in the village. But doctors at the hospital could not help the girl. The girl died at the age of 12 as the result of a snake bite. Outside the hospital, an ambulance was ready – there is also a phone – in Thamparai not.