Emergence of ” Sinnathurai Children Foundation eV

(Hereinafter “SCF eV)

Outlook and Vision

Due to the encouraging growth of the school came to the issue of sustainable financing.

At some point the funding is no longer afford to solely by the “founding family”.

At the same time the desire and the idea of ​​not only the started school project and support in Thamparai / Poonakarai was put into effect, but in the future also in other parts of Sri Lanka and later maybe even longer to take action and to expand – thereby “financing problem” of course, is oppressive.

So there was no lack of ideas or involvement in the matter but a lack of funding.

In 2014 Sinnathurai Ravendiran summed up with his family and some friends and the decision to found a non-profit organization to make the “thing” “public and drive.

In April 2015, there was finally time:

The Sinnathurai Children Foundation eV “(hereinafter” SCF eV) had gained state recognition of charitable status and was registered in the register of the local court Düren with the following founding members registered.

So the goal is to provide all help where it is needed.
The focus is quite clear in the support and promotion of education.
Local problems do special projects required. So it is also a part of Target, in Thamparai library in Tamil language for the local population set (especially students) to ensure the survival of this language as part of the identity.
Textbooks are to be purchased and placed in the library to the students free of charge ,

Education is the future!
Education is the foundation for the development and survival of any culture!

What we invest today in the children, will be decisive for the future for the next generations. We want to enable with their donations, that children have access to schooling. We want to encourage children of school age appropriate, so as to open up prospects for them and their families.

Due to the current economic and political situation in northern Sri Lanka, this is for the people there without financial support from abroad – without their donations – not possible.

But partly also initially “helping people help themselves” necessary – as already mentioned above by way of example: in-kind donations in the form of bicycles (to reach the school at all to be able to) or chickens to secure a “jump start” livelihood.